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            Home > About Us
            Honesty / Conscience / Service / Assurance

            Company Introduction

            We are committed to quality assurance.
            Because of our vast experience in the industry, we can guarantee our products are of the highest quality.
            We believe TIME IS OUR BEST ADVERTISER.

            Formosa KY machinery – Ease your mind

            The reputation of Formosa KY is that FKY insists on making the best quality products for our customers.

            • Quality Material
              Best selection of material / accessories, monitoring the purchasing process strictly.
            • Strict Process
              Standard machinery manufacturing procedure. Step by step
            • Strong After-Sales Service
              On location, help and support to meet the customers specifications requirements
            • Operational Understanding
              To treat every elaborate machinery as our baby, to care for daily.
            • Constant Improvement
              To always improve the design and manufacturing process according to customers needs.
            • Record Completion
              Detailed manufacturing process record with each machine to be improved constantly,
              speedy after-sales service.
            • Dedicated agents
              To ensure customers gain the fast and best service.
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