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            • Multi Rip Saw RS-200 is reserved for the use of processing 3 Layer Flooring and Lumber Core Plywood strip. The tolerance for processing strip thickness is + - 0.15mm
            • Professional agency of PAUL CNC Cross-Cut System with full optimization & Optimizing Rip System
            • Professional agency of PADE CNC 5 AXES 3D Working Center & CNC Band Saw

            Straight Line (Jointer) Rip Saw

            Designed For Lumber Straight Modifies Processing, Jointer Modifies Procecessing And Reconditioning more

            Multi Rip Saw

            Design For Recodition, Making Lumber And Lumbercore Plywood

            Upper & Lower Two Side Planer Machine

            Plan Cutting Process: Steady、Powerful、Intimate、Durable
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